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tle104 Reviews: 1

Outstanding Joe Grimes

Be customer for close to 15 years, always have all my lexus keys done here and incredible jobs done . Today one more from Joe, very professional and honest. Many thanks Sirs. Highly recommend. Thanh Le

Posted: 11/08/2018

Willcat9 Reviews: 3

Atlanta, GA

Great job!

Matt was professional, on time and did a great job repairing a completely broken door knob and redoing all my locks. The office was lovely to deal with, and it was quick and easy to schedule the appointment. Definitely recommend.

bbLadyBug Reviews: 1

Absolutely Outstanding!

Daniel was absolutely outstanding. He was kind, courteous and professional in every way. Our old basement door was a difficult challenge, yet he persevered through the heat and finished all of our locks as promised. We would highly recommend Daniel to anyone needing a locksmith. He is Number One in our book. If we should ever need another locksmith, we will definitely call on Daniel! Thanks very much. 5+++ Stars!!

Posted: 10/09/2018

Iangles Reviews: 1

Terrific Service!

Daniel was fantastic! On-time, professional and courteous. Needed our front door key made as we lost the last remaining version. Thank you! I will definitely recommend your company!!

COST Less than $250
DATE September 2018
Posted: 9/17/2018

dohrmc Reviews: 4
Dunwoody, GA

Great Job

One of our door locks failed. A company was called who totally botched the repair. We discovered Real Sandy Springs Locksmith, and am certainly glad we did. Kirk did a fine job, and we are back to normal as to locks. Very prompt and professional. 5 Stars!

AREA Dunwoody, GA
COST Less than $250
DATE July 2018
Posted: 07/31/2018

ChrisandJoe Reviews: 1
Roswell, GA

The Best

Daniel at Real Sandy Springs Locksmith is wonderful. We had an antique dresser which we transported from Florida and discovered the middle drawer inadvertently locked and rendered the dresser unusable. After many attempts to find a key that would work, we went to this establishment and Daniel worked for about 30 minutes and was able to make a key that worked. The entire shop was friendly and helpful. Can’t say enough about what a difference they made in solving our dilemma.

AREA Roswell, GA
COST Less than $250
DATE February 2018
Posted: 3/03/2018

SRT_DB5 Reviews: 2

Excellent Service

I have used the Real Sandy Springs Locksmith exclusively to rekey two houses, open a safe, to copy assorted office keys, etc., during my 11 years in Atlanta. I have always found them to be courteous, knowledgeable professional and very efficient. Their service could not be better.

Jasminemp Reviews: 1

Sweet, compassionate, and very handy!

I’m evacuating from Key West, Fl from hurricane Irma and my husband is staying behind as he is part of the military first response team there. Through the process of trying to leave, I forgot to ask him for his keys to the back of his camper/topper on the back of his truck. I smushed our lives in this truck, I couldn’t keep it unlocked without waking up every half hour to check on it. I had called over fifteen different locksmith companies in the area that simply told me no without even looking at the lock. I called and they had told me that they could possibly do it so I drove over and was welcomed so warmly!!! I have my dog with me and they were also super friendly to her (: After all was said and done, they made the key from scratch and did it without asking for a dime. I’m still in tears, in this big city full of people, there are still sweet, caring people. I know I’m not from here, but they made Atlanta so much brighter for me. I needed a smile and they gave me so much more than that. Thank you Sandy Springs Locksmith company ❤️

AnnCrossley Reviews: 1
Marietta, GA

Best in Town

I went in with a slightly bent key, and came out with a straight key and a new key of a better length. This all for no cost, just to tell you how great these guys are!

AREA Marietta, GA
COST Less than $250
DATE August 2017
Posted: 8/09/2017

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User Name Title Review Rating Date Reviewed
ATL411 Fast & Efficient Needed a blank keyed for my 2006 Honda. Daniel clearly explained what was involved and the price. I provided the key and they cut it. Required laser cutting so while it wasn't cheap, it was far less than going to a dealer. They reassembled the new key with the usable parts from the old key. In and out in about 10 minutes. Fast 7 Friendly. All good. 5 8/02/2017
lithbow Charles Murphy Had the pleasure to work with these folks on 2 occasions. Once to fix a lock on my patio door and secondly to have some keys made. They were prompt, efficient, professional and friendly. Both jobs were performed expeditiously and hassle free. 5 8/01/2017
atlsboydkm Saved the day! I purchased a programmable key for my Honda Pilot from a vendor on ebay. There were two keys, the first came with a damaged blank, the second was cut easily but programming was a hassle. These folks stuck with it. After the remaining key was programmed my car became disabled due to that new key! They stuck with it, tested the chip to find that the vendor sent me a key with an incorrect chip! Luckily they had a correct chip in stock , opened the body of the new key, installed it and started over again. They succeeded! I left a happy customer! I'm not sure other locksmiths have the expertise and where with all to have done what they did for me. Lessons: 1) Beware of purchasing car keys from the internet 2) Spend your money on experts I couldn't be happier 5 7/28/2017
Gischpel Outstanding customer service!! I wish I could find an earlier unfavorable review I wrote and edit it, but this is the short and updated version... I recently locked myself out of my house and called Sandy Springs Locksmith to come out and let me in. They never called me back that night so I called another locksmith who said they could pop the door open. After an hour of trying, they finally had to drill the lock out which ruined the lock and made more work for me - find a new matching lock, get it rekeyed, get it installed... That is why I called Sandy Springs Locksmiths in the first place - they pick locks. Frustrated by my experience, I called Sandy Springs Locksmith again to inquire why no one called me back. I quickly received a return phone call from the owner, Burt Kolker, who apologized and said that's not the way they do business. He then asked a few questions, gave me his personal cell phone to stay in touch, and made me an offer which his team delivered on today. (Thank you Chris!) My new lock (and added deadbolt) were rekeyed to match the rest of the locks at my house and installed cleanly and quickly at no charge. To say their 5 star ratings are deserved does not say enough about the customer service really provided by Sandy Spring Locksmith. Don't deal with scammers who say they can do this and they can do that. Go with Sandy Spring Locksmith (404) 256-3780 5 7/27/2017
LizBeverlyHC Office Crisis Resolved!! I was googling locksmiths and I'm glad I found this one. Shelia was so nice on the phone and really assisted us in making keys for our file cabinets. They had the keys made so quick and were so polite and efficient. Thank you so much for assisting our small business! 5 7/19/2017
RugBeCleaned Opened in a jiffy! Stopped by The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith last Friday and when I say stopped by, I mean it...it's a real shop! I had previously called around and could only find mobile locksmiths. This company was the only one I could take a suitcase with a 3-digit combinations lock on both sides that I locked inadvertently and could not find that "safe" place I kept the combination. After spending hours trying to figure out the combinations, listening for the clicks, looking for shadows on the numbers, systematically trying all three numbers, pulling my hair out, I decided to take it to the pros. The locksmith was an absolute genius, he got both sides open in well under a minute! Would highly recommend, they are the "real deal"! 5 7/10/2017
ConniesGirls Great personal service Best thing I have done for my home! Great personal and knowledgeable service. They re-keyed my whole house. Did an excellent job. I would highly recommend this company over all the others! 5 5/31/2017
kshay4 Always reliable, reasonable and dependable The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith is the only one I call. They rekeyed the doors on our new condo and were dependable, professional and reasonable. Even when one of the door locks was discovered to have a totally different (and unknown) key lock, they handled it with ease. Thank you for a job well done. 5 5/18/2017
jeaniesears Excellent Service Sandy Springs Locksmith is an EXCELLENT company! They rekeyed my exterior doors and did a wonderful job! They are very efficient and professional. I highly recommend their services! 5 5/10/2017
Mkthreads EXCELLENT car lockout service I locked my husband's keys in his truck this morning and they were swift and so pleasant in handling my dilemma! They made a very unhappy experience much better by being super courteous and very prompt. Also very competitive in their pricing! I will be using them for all of my locksmith needs from here on out and would highly recommend them to others! 5 4/25/2017
Timgb1 Dependable Trustworthy Knowledgeable Experts at anything lock and key.........Can't ask for a better business to work with ... professional and reasonable pricing.... No need to ever call another locksmith. 5 3/28/2017
mghirsh Always perfect I return to the Real Sandy Springs Locksmith because the key fits every time-there is no having to return to get another. They could not be nicer. mghirsh 5 3/16/2017
Donnadtinsle... Awesome! the personal service was awesome. Genuinely nice people. I love shopping local and these guys will always get my business when I'm need of a locksmith. 5 1/12/2017
mmom22 Went the extra mile Made phone calls and looked through books to help me locate a very old key blank. Once they found it they did a great job! 5 12/8/2016
larryevans19 Great Service! Terrific service and much cheaper than every dealership quote I received to program a remote ignition key. Matt was the man! PROJECT DETAILS: I needed a new intelligent access key (remote start) for my Ford Edge and had been told that it could only be programmed at a dealership. I was quoted no less than $100 to program the key by several metro area dealerships. I came to the real Sandy Springs Locksmith and Matt was terrific. I had previously ordered a blank key from another online vendor that turned out to be the wrong model, but Matt tried everything he could to make that one work on 2 different visits. He then directly ordered 5 12/2/2016
AGYesner Lexus Keys Made I needed 2 new keys cut for my Lexus. They did a great job as both keys were accurate on the first try and the process was quick and less expensive than going to a dealer. I highly recommend Sandy Springs Locksmith. 5 11/29/2016
MrBryan Consummate professionals I have employed The Real Sandy Springs Locksmiths for all of my residential security needs for over five years now, and I would not recommend anyone else. Whether it is dead bolts, strike plates, safes, or door viewers--they do it all--and do it very well. Highly skilled, always reliable, keenly discrete, consummate professionals...you won't be disappointed. Most recently, Randy Carter cracked the code on an old safe, and then fixed it to working like new!! 5 10/11/2016
YORKIB14 Secure your home The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith is The Company to use for Service, Knowledge, best prices and very best service. PROJECT DETAILS: The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith changed all of the locks on our newly purchased home and replaced anything Not working properly. 5 7/04/2016
DaveKelly Great Service Burt and his company are fantastic. Burt provided us with a thorough in-home review of our physical security and made recommendations that were clearly tailored to our needs. They are not looking to sell you goods and services you do not need. We had several StrikeMaster units installed and changed out some locks. Greg Wilson was the locksmith who performed the installation. Greg was very courteous and clearly knowledgeable about the products. He is an outstanding locksmith. All around, we are very pleased with The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith. They are the real deal. PROJECT DETAILS: The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith installed several StrikeMaster units and made some lock changes at our home. 5 5/24/2016
msatl1946 Will use again Chris was the technician who handled our service call. He was professional, courteous, and efficient in the installation of our new door handles and deadbolts on 4 sets of patio doors. We would definitely recommend Sandy Springs Locksmiths and will use them again in the future. 5 9/22/2015
kudzoom A great experience We decided to change locks on our new home and Larry Adams from Sandy Springs Locksmith came by. He was extremely polite, nice and warm and was a thorough professional. He took out the locks and changed the pins and also serviced the locks and got it done with a speed. Some locks were rough and now not only all the locks are secure but they are also very smooth. Larry was so nice that one of the bolts was repeatedly falling off and we had to probably replace the whole lock but that would mean we replace not only this lock but all Schlage locks which were beautiful. Larry came up with an idea of securing the handle and made a contraption to get it done... This was such a wonderful and pleasant experience. Thank you very much Larry, we really appreciate it! 5 9/07/2015
mtb800 Great service I had Sandy Springs Locksmith come out and rekey my house. They called ahead, did a quick and professional job, and even fixed a few defects on the doors no charge before they left. Having them do the work was so much easier and quicker than doing the work myself 5 5/29/2015
PaulTeal Bad Experience At First, But They Made It Right You would think after charging me for keys that don't work, Sandy Springs Locksmith would be more helpful. They haven't. They are making me follow back up with them. And each new person I have to deal with is as unprofessional as the last one. The last person just laughed at me. I am not looking forward to trying to get my money back. I am not claiming they have ripped me off in any way. They have not lied to me or charged me more than they said they would. They are just not pleasant or making things easy. UPDATE TO THE ORIGINAL REVIEW: I didn't have to try get my money back. When I met the key technician at my car in person he was able to make the key just fine. The owner of the business has seen my original review and he has left me a voice mail to try to make things right. I also think they deducted the price of the original key that did not work from the price of the new key, so I did not end up paying for something I can't use. 3 5/16/2015
firsttimeuse... Excellent Experience Today Larry Adams from Sandy Springs Locksmith came over, and he was polite, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. He suggested several home improvement measures we could take, and he was quick and very experienced. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a good locksmith. A+ 5 3/20/2015
roxybabe78 Thanks I have used The Real Sandy Springs Locksmiths Company twice now. It was to unlock an interior door to an office. The staff was very nice, personable and quick to respond. Since we are close to their office, they were able to provide service rather quickly. Thank you to the locksmith who came out, Larry! I would definitely use this company again. 5 3/11/2015
JennC9 Reliable and honest We moved into a new house and had to change all the locks and secure everything else and they were honest with what we needed and the prices were fair. Larry did the work fast and was polite and made us feel comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone!!!! 5 2/12/2015
Contractors2... Awesome Larry was very efficient, friendly and went above and beyond! Great to work with. Will definitely be calling again! Thanks! 5 1/30/2015
dunwoodysub House locks rekeyed I used the real Sandy Springs Locksmith 8 years ago when purchased a home, and again recently to rekey all the locks (some 7 doors worth of double locks). They are professional, extremely competent, and show up when they say they will. They do not try to upsell and are very reliable. I highly recommend them. 5 1/16/2015
Chennings003 Excellent locksmith Professional and friendly locksmith. I was very happy with their service and will use them in the future. 5 11/19/2014
Gingerchap Solved Our Problem We needed a locksmith to replace our back door lock. They came out on time and completed the job fairly quickly. The price was right and the work was well done. They were referred by our neighbor who has used them for years. We are happy to recommend. 5 5/8/2014
chocolatelov... Great Experience I dropped by the Sandy Springs Locksmith's location on Hammond Drive because my BMW dealership (Global BMW) said it would cost approximately $400 to repair the lock for my center council, so I thought I'd try a locksmith before doing that (which is crazy) The Sandy Spring's Locksmith are professional, honest and very friendly. What a pleasure dealing with this organization and their people, and they fixed my lock quickly - truly amazing! 5 4/29/2014
AtlantaJeff Great Service and Communication I had 5 doors re-keyed as a closing gift for clients moving into a new house. When I called to make the appointment I was given an estimate of charges that ended up being 100% accurate. I also received a call from the Locksmith, Chris, about 30 minutes before he arrived to give me a heads-up. He worked in a chaotic environment with a move going on and 2 big dogs running under his feet! He was great and did a quality job! I was very happy with the service and even more importantly my clients were thrilled to have all doors and locks working perfectly with one new key! Looking forward to working with Sandy Springs Locksmith again soon. 5 4/3/2014
darenroberts Expert and professional Burton and his staff are well trained and skilled in their craft. Best in Atlanta and we are lucky to have them across the street. 5 2/28/2014
ParkWalker My New Go To Place I was directed to The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith to have my keyless entry fixed. They fixed me up free of charge and quickly. Very friendly. Will definitely use again and recommend to others. 5 1/19/2014
Pramos Efficient I just needed to change the lock of my front door. I called on a Saturday morning. Greg arrived less than 30 minutes later, worked very quickly and all the new keys work perfectly. What else can I say ? Completely stress free and affordable. I am not bothering looking for anyone else if I ever need a locksmith service again. 5 12/28/2013
tspearman Honest and dependable service After a horrible experience with a rouge locksmith (please be wary of scam locksmiths), I called Sandy Springs Locksmith and could not have been happier. The first company I called was 2 hours late, threatening and rude to me. Sandy Springs Locksmith were prompt, professional and explained their work and had proper documentation for procedures. Keep their contact info on file and heed warnings about fraudulent locksmith services - they are out there and are scary. I will only work with Sandy Springs Locksmith in the future. 5 7/26/2013
BlueSpark very helpful people! Comments: I had a key lock box left on my doorknob by a contractor who never returned to pick it up. (BTW - Do not use Cabinet Cafe!) I thought I could remove it myself by taking the doorknob apart. Wrong. I remembered Sandy Springs Locksmith was nearby and took my problem to them for help. I was greeted very courteously, and in less than 5 minutes my problem was resolved. I asked "How much do I owe you?" and was told "Nothing." This is the second time they have helped me out and charged me nothing. I highly recommend this business and will use them for all my future needs. 5 6/28/2013
ambitt Everything you want in a locksmith The answered the call, scheduled on 1st call. The came out very close to time. They didn't require a long window. Very friendly. Most important, they Fixed my lock. 5 6/21/2013
ClintH Super service and very knowledgeable folks I broke the key in my 2006 Honda and needed a new key cut. Clint took the time to ask how I broke the key and offered suggestions how to not have the same thing happen again. He went way beyond to offer me great customer service and then charged me less than the car dealer to provide this service. I have found my new locksmith! 5 6/14/2013
dedwards6 Great Service, Great People We have new Ford Explorer. My purse was stolen with the Proximity remote in it. So, we came to Sandy Springs Locksmith to get a new remote programmed and a new key cut. The staff was helpful and efficient. We were able to get the remote programmed and a key. What a relief! These guys have state-of-the-art equipment and expertise. 5 2/23/2013
millmark Outstanding service and quality I needed to have a key made for my Jeep Wrangler doors and it was done promptly and inexpensively. The service was so great, the owner even drove me home after I dropped my car off. Highly recommended. 5 8/8/2012
Salzang Terrific Service! Had a car key and multiple lock keys made. Very helpful staff, took time to help and will go back again! 5 8/4/2012
ryval13 Quick, hassle free, and key works perfectly I had to order a key from Hafele to even get the key copied and they cut it in 30 seconds and did not charge me a dime! I have gotten several keys cut at this place and every one of them has worked perfectly with no problem!! 5 7/23/2012
lconjohn Best locksmith we've ever used! These guys know their business! They've duplicated keys that the usual key-making venues just can't deliver. Service is prompt, friendly, and always reliable! We won't go anywhere else for locks, keys and the like. 5 7/13/2012
rmcclin1 Very Helpful! Great customer service! I was able to get a new car key with a chip which I had been putting off. Now I wish I had done it sooner! I really liked that I could go and take care of it quickly. Coming from the east on Hammond it wasn't easy to access because of traffic, but it's easy to park in the back and walk in! 5 6/27/2012
Ridgerunr Outstanding customer service I stopped by the store to buy a keyring as the hole in my house key was to small to fit my keyring. Rather than sell me a new keyring, Clint just enlarged the hole - and didn't charge me a dime! When I need the services of a locksmith - you can bet I'll be giving these guys a call! 5 5/15/2012
bmcmillen Locksmiths you can trust I have used Sandy Springs Locksmiths for my home and business. They have top quality products, dependable service and fair prices. I recommend them without any resrvation. Satisfied customer(Sandy / Mableton ) 5 4/25/2012
katiesoul Honest, Friendly, Great Customer Service! I was so fortunate to have found 'The Real Sandy Springs Locksmiths' on Hammond Drive. Earlier this year, I had misplaced my car keys late at night and had called a 24-hour locksmith(unfortunately, one of the fakes). Let's just say it wasn't the best experience I ended up with a broken door lock and a glove compartment door that was completely locked with no key. Lucky for me, I found 'The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith.' I went there with the intention of getting a new key made for my glove compartment door. I can't say how helpful and friendly the folks that worked there were...especially after my bad experience. Clint came out and took a look at the lock. Turned out it had been completely broken/jammed...and a new key couldn't be made. Both Clint and Burton came up with a great solution, gave me wonderful customer service, and really helped me out. If you are looking for an ethical, friendly, hard-working, and honest locksmit business...look no further! 5 8/31/2011
by chrstn at Citysearch Lousy Customer Service!!! I was moving and had to change locks. Had been up since 6 am and were unloading things that afternoon and we were having trouble removing the locks from the doors. Called and asked if they were open at 3:20 - said they closed at 4. They acted as if they had to be out the door at 4pm. Doesn't 4 pm mean that you can arrive at 3:55 and still get service?? if I wasn't there by 3:30 that they would be put out! Told them we'd get there as soon as possible.We arrived before 4pm rushing like crazy - you know moving is awlful. Yes, they helped us, yes they stayed a few minutes later than 4 - maybe 5-7 minutes. We paid for the changed locks took the bag they handed us. Well, they did not give us all the parts back. We asked them to drop them off (we were moving! and they had failed to give us the parts!) and they said no - not our problem - we had to go back to get the parts. I do not think that this is good customer service. Good customer service is saying get here by 4 and we'll help you out...taking the time to do the job correctly and providing 100% of the product back. Very disappointed - lousy customer service. The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 1/23/2013 I have never been able to confirm this review. If any part of this was true we apologize. However, this business has been at the same location since 1965 and has never had 4pm as a closing time. It is possible that this was on of the copycat scammers that took an address a block from The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith to divert our customers.this review could also be one of many that legitimate locksmiths get from the phonies to help put us out of business. A glance at our other reviews would tell any prospective client that this is not the service they should expect from a 47 year old company. 1 8/6/2011
lisa1261 Honest, Honest, Honest This company is honest, reliable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them. Great customer service. 5 7/27/2011
RogerPro Great Experience They installed a safe in my home and added a security bar on my front door. They arrived on time. The workman were very professional and did the job very quickly. I was impressed with their service. I also got a great deal when compared to other safe/security companies. 5 7/11/2011
by BoniF at Citysearch Didn't Use them, got tricked by one of the pretenders! Talked to these people after the fact. The company I called said Sandy Springs, but they were not. I waited 40 minutes for them to get to my house, and then he charged me $180 to basically break-in. Not a professional locksmith at all. What a gigantic rip-off. Wish I had called the real deal first. 5 4/30/2011
by Bon Chance at Citysearch Good experience. Would use again. Professional, quick and courteous. Called late on a Friday after a bad experience with another company and Chris came right out. I would use again if I ever have a need for a locksmith. Price seems fair, although I have not had similar work to which I can compare. Liked that they are registered with the State and a BBB member. Some of these other guys seem iffy. 4 11/22/2010
SSLTRG Best in Town Very reliable. They were able to fix a problem on site with my car so I did not have to tow it and saved me some significant money. I highly recommend this company. 5 4/29/2010
sonniewa On Time, Competent, Reasonable, Helpful,. The BEST Skip Bower came out to change the locks on my house. When he arrived, he did his magic and I didn't need new locks. He also made extra keys for me. The rate was great and he was very courteous. If I need a locksmith, I will use these guys EVERY TIME! 5 4/9/2010
SPfortheCEO Professional Service with Integrity We have used Sandy Springs Locksmith in our business and for our personal homes, and we are always pleased with how knowledgeable and professional they are. These guys are the real deal. Ask for "Clint" - he's the best! 5 1/4/2010
raugenstein Burt's the Best Burt and his team assessed all the entrances to our home and recommended security measures that go far beyond just having a key. Thanks Bert. The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 12/15/2009 Thanks for taking the time to let myself and others know about the depth of our security services. We appreciate your business! 5 12/10/2009
CEOMAN expert knowledge I recently met a person who's knowledge in the security industry is second to none. I had called Sandy Springs Locksmith to come out and rekey my house. I met a gentleman at the front door. His name is Richard. I had problems with certain locks that he made work like brand new! The conversation we had was quite pleasurable and informative. He walked me through a complete security make over of my property that was very impressive. I am a CEO of a multi million dollar corporation. I had recently brought Richard in as a security consultant for our corporation. I highly recommend him and Sandy Springs Locksmiths for all your security needs. 5 6/08/2009
refndglnxtdo... Great Grandma's silver can shine again ! Recently inherited a silver chest from my Great Grandmother's era (1875 approx) The solid wood box was locked and no key could be found. I walked it into the Sandy Springs Locksmiths location on Hammond Drive and within 20 minutes a steel key was cut that opens the box perfectly. If not for these experts the box would have needed to be distroyed completely. I'll return again. Great work! 5 3/23/2009
jbeschen Timely and Professional We had our new house re-keyed by Sandy Springs. Rodney was not only on time, he called to make sure it was ok to come early. He was very efficeint and polite. He fixed all our doors to shut correctly in addition to the rekey. Prices were very comparable and I would use this compnay again. 5 1/12/2009
lukehall Top Shelf Service As an owner of a Nissan Titan, I wanted to change my key style to the Nissan Rogue style, a more compact key with both the fob chip and transponder included in the key. The Nissan dealer said it couldn't be done but Matt quickly and competently cut and programmed my key blanks, that I purchased on ebay, and for a much more reasonable price than a car dealer. A first rate service provider. The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 10/19/2008 Dear lukehall, Jimmy and his staff are the reason that I have referred my Ackerman clients to Sandy Springs Locksmith for over 23 years and also the reason in July 2006 that my wife and I bought the business.Unfortunately the "Phony Locksmith" issue (search "locksmith swindle") has confused our clients and many perspective clients. With clients like you and your positive feedback we hope to get the message out.Sincerely, Burt Kolker 5 9/17/2008
by HOPQ18 at Citysearch Affordable, professional and very knowledgeable Our company has used them many times for all sorts of locks. We have been satisfied on the service and price every time. 5 7/24/2008
entropy2000 I would use these folks any day Sandy Springs Locksmiths were recommended by the Realtor that had helped me find my new house - she had had great experience with them over the years, as had her clients. I needed the locks changed on my new home and they were there the next day. The locksmith was friendly, efficient and knew his craft. Within a couple of hours, he had changed the 7 locks I had scheduled and fixed two others that had seized with age and weather exposure. He even found a work-around that allowed them to be keyed to the rest of the house, even though the brands were very different. Now that's good service. Their prices were more than reasonable for the house call and the amount of work involved and I'd be happy to recomend them to anyone. The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 9/09/2008 THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS AND THE TRUST OF YOUR REALTOR.I AM TRYING VERY HARD TO SEPARATE OUR BUSINESS FROM THE ILLEGAL LOCKSMITHS(SOME OF WHOM HAVE ACTUALLY STOLEN OUR NAME). FOR MOR INFO:GOOGLE: PHONY LOCKSMITH, LOCKSMITH SWINDLE OR VIEW THE FTC WARNINGS BURT KOLKER PRESIDENT AND OWNER 5 6/04/2008
GaTechStuden... Incapable of running a business I called Sandy Springs Locksmith (near whole foods, outside the perimeter) and informed them I needed a car door lock fixed and a transponder key cut. I was told to come on out around 9am some morning. I show up and am informed that I've got a broken tumbler and need to come back next week because all their service people are gone (Didn't I have an appointment). So, I ask the guy to go inside so we can make an appointment for next week - but he just asks what day works and never seems to write anything down. Come Monday I have to change the appointment, they didn't have me down - so I formally make one. I arrive early Thursday morning and sit in the office waiting for the guy who does the work to arrive. While sitting there one employee curses numerous times and upon the gentleman arriving he complains about being the only one who knows how to cut transponder keys and that someone messed up all the keys so he doesn't know which ones are which. While waiting for another lady to have her key cut, another gentleman asks to look at the car door lock and informs me I have a broken tumbler and will need to leave the car for at least half a day. Why I was not informed this as I entered Sandy Springs Locksmith I am unaware. I cannot review their locksmith work; I left after wasting enough time. The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 9/09/2008 DEAR GA TECH STUDENT.I AM VERY SORRY FOR YOUR EXPERIENCE, THERE IS NO EXCUSE. WE ARE TRYING HARD TO LEARN FROM YOUR BAD EXPERIENCE AND TO IMPROVE OUR SCHEDULING PROCEEDURES INCLUDING THOSE FOR AUTOMOTIVE KEYS. BURT KOLKER 1 5/22/2008
Briceman Great Locksmith!!! I recently opened a new business and was required by the landlord to change the locks. I called Sandy Springs Locksmith at 5:15 p.m. on a Wednesday and set up an appointment for the next morning at 9:00 a.m. It was not a problem (other locksmiths I called seemed irritated I had called 'after hours' or wanted to charge an after hour fee. Sandy Springs Locksmith (Mike) was on-time, did a professional job, and charged a very fair price. I will definitely use them again.The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 9/09/2008 THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO COMMENT ON OUR SERVICE.BURT 5 3/27/2008
Habersham Went the Extra Mile We appreciated their assistance in finding a person to restore an old safe that has been in our family since the 1800's. Their person took special care in taking it from our house to restore and has promised us a first class restoration in several weeks. I have also known the owners of this company for over thirty years (having dealt with them in previous businesses) and they are truly exceptional and first rate. The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 9/09/2008 THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS. CALL ME IF I CAN BE OF SERVICE.BURT 5 3/16/2008
by JH563 at Citysearch Great Job ! I used their services for the first time and they are very professional. Also the price is reasonable. 5 2/25/2008
musicfan Terrible Service. Very Unprofessional After missing the first appointment, the owner was late the next time. He was very helpful and informative while he was here and spun some great tales of his 'years in the business'. He took my credit card number and never came back. I called to determine an install date and he never showed for that either. When I finally did reach him he said he was really busy, wearing too many hats and suggested I call Downs Safe and Lock. So I did. I would not recommend this small, unprofessional, unorganized company. 1 1/17/2008
Newcomer2ATL quick and friendly I only had to get a key made, but I was there less than 3 minutes, although it cost me $3 for the key. Going into Home Depot or some of the other big dogs would have been such a bigger pain! The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 9/09/2008 AS A PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITH WE HAVE MORE KEY OPTIONS THAN THE BIG BOX OR HARDWARE STORES.WE HAVE IN STOCK:ALMOST 1000 DIFFERENT BLANKS) AND MORE THAN A DOZEN MACHINES TO PROVIDE THE BROADEST RANGE OF AND MOST ACCURATE KEYS. OUR STAFF HAVE AN AVERAGE OF 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE AS LOCKSMTHS. THANK YOU BURT KOLKER 5 11/7/2007
JBoogieATL I tried, they failed After reading a negative review then seeing the owner's response I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. I sent an email through Kudzu and the owner emailed me back immediately and asked if he could speak to me personally about my experience on Kudzu. I obliged and he said in his email that he would give me a discount for my feedback. I called the person he suggested I talked to and let him know I wanted someone to come to my condo on Friday (this was a weeks notice) since I would only be in town on for a couple days. On the following Friday I hadn't heard from them to confirm a time so I finally called them to see when they could come. They told me they were too busy and someone couldn't come until Tuesday unless I wanted to pay an overtime rate to have them come over the weekend. I let them know that I had spoke to someone the week before and that I had given plenty of notice for them to be able to come that day. They said they still couldn't do it. Went with someone else who was able to come same day. The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 9/09/2008 UPDATE 09/09/08:WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE POOR SERVICE. SCHEDULING HAS BEEN GREATLY IMPROVE BY ADDING STAFF, HAVING (TWO OF THEM RELOCATE CLOSER TO OUR MAIN CUSTOMER BASE-NORTH ATLANTA), NEW COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND BETTER PROCEDURES. WE ARE IN A MUCH BETTER PLACE NOW. 1 5/28/2007
edieheart_4 They came right away. I was locked out of my house and it was late. I called and asked if they could meet me at 1am. They said they could be there at 1:15am, but they got there at 1am. They were more expensive than the other company that I had contacted, but time is money and they were able to come right away. It was worth it. The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® REPLIED ON 5/15/2007 Thank you for your business and and for taking the time to enter your rating.As a local company we try very hard to please because it is the repeat customer and referral customer that keeps us going. Let me assure you that in my opinion you actually paid much less than the seemingly lower fees quoted. If you follow my response to "live for freedom" below you will note the the busines model of the "Phony Locksmith Scam" hitting major cities like Atlanta is to misquote a fee just to get them there so they can take advantage of the usual time sensitive situation. For more info go to ALOA.COM website. You will be amazed how some of these "phonies" actually drove customers to their ATM machines to collect CASH because to were afraid to take creditcard or checks.(Once the customer wised up to the rip-off they would stop the funds) 4 4/29/2007
by 3ISABEJ9 at Citysearch Be careful when you call I called this company to get a quote on rekeying a couple of locks on my front door. They told me that they had no one available for many weeks to do this. So they gave me the names and phone number of 3 places that could help me. As soon as I hung up the phone, my personal phone started ringing off the hook....Apparently they had immediately sent out my name and telephone number electronically to other places and they were all calling me at once. The girl on the phone never mentioned she was going to do this nor did she ask my permission. Not a good business practice. 3 3/08/2007
liveforfreed... Stay away from these guys -- it was horrible! Update -- just a few weeks later and our doorknob has literally fallen off! We recently commissioned Sandy Springs Locksmith our external locks. Our need was assessed over the phone by an "expert", but the first locks did not match and the second set did not have the functionality we requested. It took three trips to resolve. The installer was rude, argumentative and unpleasant. And we were overcharged. The installer was late for the first appointment and a no show for the next two. In one instance we were told that our appointment had been pre-empted by another customer. When we eventually got the locks we wanted, we were charged for two grades higher then what we got to make up for the cost of buying back the wrong locks. Basically we had to pay for their mistakes. If we refused they would not take back the incorrectly installed locks and we would end up paying twice. No one ever apologized for the miscommunications or the problems they caused and we listened to continuous snide remarks. We finally got locks that do meet our need, but it took three weeks, we arranged to be home to meet them on 5 separate occasions we took an hour at lunch to visit their location, I locked myself in our basement for an afternoon, we had to deal with this horribly unpleasant man, and we ended up paying for a higher quality lock then what was installed. The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith® replied on 9/09/2008 WILL THE REAL SANDY SPRINGS LOCKSMITH PLEASE STAND-UP Dear Live for freedom Four different customers have come into our Locksmith Shop in the last month (two just in the last week). Three of the customers had concerns about poor or incomplete work like yours. And all voiced concerns about being overcharged. All thought they called us, the REAL (local) Sandy Springs Locksmith which has been located for the last 40 years on Hammond Drive in Atlanta, Ga.The customers obtained the phone number to reach us by looking online, calling information or using their local telephone directories. These other companies have actually taken out listings both in my name and names similar to mine! When the customers produced their receipts it became immediately apparent that none of them were issued by our company. Instead it became obvious that they were victims of the "phony locksmith scam". This is an increasing problem that is sweeping across the country and not without notice by the authorities and the media. By its nature, this scheme takes advantage of people (more often women) who are in some type of time sensitive and stressful situation. These "phony locksmith" organizations lure prospective customers with large directory and internet ads or confusing 411 information listings. These companies manipulate listings with multiple false addresses, false names and numbers to make them seem like bonafide and local business. In actuality the victims are usually calling an out of town phone room operation that contracts out services. The customer is usually quoted a misleading price on the phone. When the person posing as a locksmith "surveys" the job they present a bill/estimate for much more and for what is usually unnecessary work. The most common rip off is by telling the customer that their locks can't be re-keyed and have to be replaced. This is almost never required and could easily result in charges 3 to 10 times what they should be. I don't know whether you are another victim of such scheme, a customer who unfortunately had an (isolated) bad experience with my company or someone put up to a phony review by one of these "phony locksmith" companies. If you contact me personally at 404-252-7648 or alarmit@bellsouth.net and we are able to verify that this indeed was an experience with my company, I will refund the amount of your bill and personally apologize. If you don't contact me?.... Burton S. Kolker PS This week a fifth customer threw out one of the above mentioned characters after several "bells went off".One of these was an unmarked car with out of town plates and the other was inconsistant answers as to who the individual actually was and what they were intending to charge. UPDATE 9/09/08 SINCE I HAVENT HEARD FROM THE PERSON WHO'S COMMENT I PREVIOUSLY REPLIED TO I CAN ONLY ASSUME THAT THIS THIS WAS A PHNY COMMENT OR THEY WERE VICTIMS AS WELL. BURT KOLKER 1 2/11/2007
AtlantaResid... Good Job I called them to change the locks in my new house. They called to confirm, came on time, did a quality job and were very fairly priced. I would recommend them to anyone. 5 12/15/2006
orangemoose Good and fast good work and fast response 5 3/5/2006
Regency Easy in and out Pulled up, went right in, was waited on right away, they did great work, good price. How much better can it get?!? 5 6/5/2005
by mommabobba at Citysearch Reputable These people are the real deal - in business for over 40 years - very professional and trustworthy. 5 1/28/2005