As 47 year residents of Metro Atlanta and owners of The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith shop (located on Hammond Dr since 1965) we are passionate about personal safety and property security.

For the record Burt’s first 30 years in security was first by starting his own security company and then as VP of Marketing and one of the partners of Ackerman Security Systems when he sold his business to that Company.

During this time, he helped thousands of residents to find the best solutions to suit their home and business physical security needs. Remember the first alarms? Most were not even monitored.

While still at Ackerman he recognized that it took a multi layered approach to physical security, so we purchased Sandy Springs Locksmith Safes and Security.

Subsequently, upon retiring from Ackerman, he proceeded to implement his vision for Sandy Springs Locksmith.

One of the first tasks was to increase the number of types of keys in stock to over 1,500. The big box stores weren’t meeting customers’ needs with only 150 key choices cut on primitive equipment to unacceptable tolerances. They often didn’t work.

Then we added the latest computer-controlled machines to provide extremely accurate key cutting services including the high security Medeco and Multilock brands.

Our physical barrier systems like Strikemaster Pro II and Nightlock came next to improve the inherent weakness in the design of most existing door and their frames. (We have not experienced one successful break-in failure since our 8000 +Strikemaster installations).

For panels of glass in windows or doors we install 3M window security film to slow down intruders and often deter most crash and grab thefts.

Flip latches on sliding windows barely keep the air in and bugs out. Without the addition of our window tension rods, prying a window open can be too easy for an intruder.

High security protection for very vulnerable windows and doors can be protected with our Hurricane rated and attractive Crimsafe stainless steel security screens

Our full line of security and fire rated Safes can help keep important papers, guns and jewelry out of the wrong hands while providing accessibility to you and your family.

Video door bells with cloud storage coupled with compatible devices like floodlights with cloud storage are one of the best ways to deter problems safely and also not let a knock on your front door go unanswered.

Keypad deadbolts can be programmed to auto lock doors while connected versions allow you to check or change their status remotely and receive specific alerts. We are now approved Nest Pro and Amazon Home Services dealers, so we can make this part of our home security services.

Clients with long driveways or other special property security issues have enjoyed for many years our property protection systems that provide an inside subtle alert of an unexpected visitor. These do not call the authorities.

Finally (for now in our ever-changing environment) we have installed panic or safe rooms, security doors and security vaults in approximately 50 of our clients existing residences.

Without question, a professional alarm system including security and fire detection sensors becomes an important part of an overall security plan by summoning aid and giving less time for the criminals’ act.
These layers when applied and installed professionally will go a long way to keeping your family safe and your property secure.

Btw, with fake reviews appearing on most search engines and on-line directories, just how do you check out the people and companies you consider? First perhaps ask your Nextdoor Neighbors. If you go to the rest of the internet, beware. For example, 90 % of the 1000 locksmith listings just in Metro Atlanta are deemed to be phony according to the national Association of Locksmiths of America, ALOA. They are made up to trick the search engines and their content is made up to trick you. Terms like “15-minute response” -really in Atlanta traffic? $15-$25 service calls “- no service company can afford to do that. Bait and switch pricing that results in unwanted confrontations after work is supposedly done.

Ask for written confirmation of verbal pricing before you agree, and schedule actual service call-text or email is ok.” Licensed, Bonded and Insured” mentioned on these listings is also very questionable especially when most don’t have verifiable addresses. Ask them to prove it in advance.

We have posted all our licenses, insurance certificates, registrations, certifications and important memberships and credentials right on our website. In addition, we provide free security evaluations and also a written quote before we do any work.

Burt and Sue Kolker, owners of The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith serving Metro Atlanta from our 53-year-old brick and mortar Sandy Springs Shop and supported by a small fleet of our well-equipped vans.

For service you can call our 24-hour number 404-256-3780 or call Burt directly at 404-252-7648 for any security questions.

We are not your everyday Locksmith or Security company