Others ask Many ask why we call ourselves The Real Sandy Springs Locksmith? Answer, Because of scammers who use our State registered and Federally copyrighted business name.  Some ask what Locksmith scammers do or don’t do? See below.

Others ask how to find a legitimate locksmith?

The following are a few tips:

  1. Get to know one before you need them . Stop by our shop to see what we offer. (safes, break-in protection, safe rooms and safe room doors , 2500 different keys, security film for glas.
  2. Search the BBB.org and ALOA.org sites. Notice how few actual locksmiths are listed? if you choose one that is on BOTH you are probably going to be ok. If they are not there verify, verify.
  3. Be careful of online listings . Notice how many there are? Actually less than 50 legitimate in all greater Metro Atlanta vs the 1000 phony listings.
  4. Learn about searching online, when to use or not use pay per click sites (the first 4 ads) know that there are many (paid for) phony reviews on seemingly legitimate directories.
  5. Know that the State of Georgia does not license Locksmiths.The State does have Fair Business practice laws that state it is illegal for a business to use phony addresses to mislead the public and to us another businesses name. Obviously these like many laws are not well enforced.
  6. Look for PROOF of Business certifications, permits, business licenses, insurance certificates, proof of bonded employees, Association Registrations, Chamber of Commerce Membership
  7. Get an estimate IN WRITING before you even have someone come to your home or business. Certainly get one before the work is STARTED.
  8. If you become a victim file a report with the governor’s office of consumer protection.

The following are examples of two customers that wound up with a “scammer” Locksmith

Customer #1

Overcharged by $ 712.00 after choosing an obvious bait and switch listing of $ 25.00 service call. Our invoice is the price we charged for a normal residential rekey after the customer was so upset by being robbed” they didn’t want this bogus individual “having a key to their house.

Customer #2

This customer was locked out of their condo. They found a Scammer listing of $15.00 service call.
They paid an additional $220.oo for scammer( not experienced enough to pick lock) who ultimately drilled and destroyed cylinder, lock, and door. This disaster will ultimately cost the customer About $1000.00 to replace door and (fire rated high rise building) commercial lock instead of a service call.  Lock pick and rekey for $135.

Stay tuned for the details of wrong locksmith “clicked on” by an agent for an elderly lady to be charged $960.00 for a simple rekey that should have cost $210.00?

What Locksmith Scammers Do Or Dont Do